Miyazawa Flutes Make My Heart Sing

“Who can resist owning a Miyazawa flute? My long search for perfection is over. I am now a proud owner of an irreplaceable flute that has immediately enhanced my talent. I love its reliability, clarity, and variability. Miyazawa, your flutes make my heart sing!”


Standard vs. Heavy-Wall Tubing

Sterling silver tubing is made in several thicknesses, typically ranging 0.014″ to 0.018″. Miyazawa offers a standard tubing thickness of 0.40mm (approximately 0.016″) and heavy-wall tubing thickness of 0.45mm (approximately 0.018″). Here are some general considerations when choosing tubing thickness:

Medium-wall (standard) tubing provides a brilliant, responsive sound with plenty of color and flexibility. It is especially well suited for players who generally blow with a more gentle airstream and/or a compact airstream. The sound and response of the flute may be customized with different headjoint cuts and materials such as gold or platinum riser to bring a darker or brighter quality to the flute.

Heavy-wall tubing provides a darker, more powerful sound. This tubing thickness is generally well suited for flutists who put a high volume of air through the flute and/or use a fast airstream when playing. The increased resistance of the tubing compliments players who tend to overpower a thinner walled flute, bringing ease of response with rich color. Again, the sound may be customized with different headjoint cuts and materials.


The choice of tubing thickness is an individual one, dependent upon playing style and desired quality of sound. Flutists should carefully consider these options together with headjoint choices and materials to find a combination to suit their unique embouchure.

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