Beautiful Tone

“After years of struggling to manipulate the sound out of my old flute, I finally could not take it. When I bought my new Miyazawa, everything changed for the better! Playing is such an ease, and there’s no ‘fighting’ to get the beautiful tone I want. I have received countless positive comments on my playing, and wanting to know the brand of my flute. If anyone asks me what brand to get, I always respond with Miyazawa. Not only are the flutes an amazing fit for all types of flute players, the customer service is phenomenal!”


Standard vs. Heavy-Wall Tubing

Sterling silver tubing is made in several thicknesses, typically ranging 0.014" to 0.018". Miyazawa offers a standard tubing thickness of 0.40mm (approximately 0.016") and heavy-wall tubing thickness of 0.45mm (approximately 0.018"). Here are some general considerations when choosing tubing thickness: Medium-wall (standard) tubing provides a brilliant, responsive sound with plenty...

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