An Incredible Experience

“Yesterday I had the great honor to sample some of your wonderful flutes. It was an incredible experience! The staff were knowledgeable and friendly in helping me find great models and even putting up with my endless stream of questions. Every model that I had a chance to play was inspirational! Miyazawa is certainly top notch, I know that someday I will have the joy to call a Miyazawa my own.”


Our Services


Ensure Your Flute Performs to Your Standards

With proper care and maintenance, your handmade flute will always play up to its potential. We recommend yearly service by our staff of technicians or by an authorized Miyazawa service location to ensure your instrument’s optimal performance. The members of the Miyazawa team are just one call away, ready to give you their support and assistance. Please contact us for estimates on overhauls, routine maintenance and modifications, shipping information, and to schedule an appointment.

Our shop not only specializes in Miyazawa, but is also experienced in all makes of handmade flutes. With the high level of skill and attention to detail our technicians possess, your flute will return like new – or better.

No matter what brand you currently play, if you want your flute to perform at its peak playing condition, contact our shop today!


Thanks for Making Such Great Flutes

“Thank you very much! I have just purchased my new Miyazawa flute, and I absolutely love it! I am very satisfied with it! I love that I am able to choose from many headjoints, and that I can add so many enhancements onto my flute! Miyazawa flutes had everything that I was looking for at a reasonable price! Thank you for making such great flutes!”


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