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The Brögger Mainline Key System™

All Miyazawa Flutes are built with the Brögger Mainline Key System™, designed by the renowned Danish flutemaker Johan Brögger. Benefits of this design include a one-piece rod and kicker construction, resulting in a streamlined and stronger mechanism. Key movement is transferred from key to key through the Brögger back connectors as opposed to a pinned steel. This allows for individual key movement rather than moving an internal assembly. As the rods do not rotate with the keys, the friction and wear between the rods and hinge tubes can be minimized, resulting in a longer life of the instrument. Simplified construction & less friction bring about faster key action and an incredibly light, smooth and quiet mechanism. The Brögger Mainline Key System™ allows for more stable adjustments and eliminates binding which can occur on traditional pinned mechanisms. The Brögger System™, which includes the Brögger Thumb Key, is a revolutionary mechanism that advances this concept and is available on several Miyazawa models.


The Miyazawa Improved Scale utilizes technical advances in modern scale design to give you precise interval intonation. Our standard pitch is A-442, enabling you to comfortably play between A-440 and A-444. Other available pitches are A-440, A-444 or A-446.


Drawn toneholes are seamlessly sculpted from the flute's body, giving you a quick, flexible response and a rich, resonant timbre. Soldered toneholes, on the other hand, are separate rings fused to the flute's tube, resulting in slightly increased resistance. Flutes with soldered toneholes are frequently characterized as dark or deep in timbre. Models 102 through Vision [called Type I outside North & South America] come with drawn toneholes while the Elite models [called Type II outside North & South America] come with soldered toneholes.

For more information, please see our article "Drawn vs. Soldered Toneholes".


All models are built with elegant French style pointed tonearms. Open holes are a standard specification to allow for extended techniques such as multiphonics or pitch slurs. Plateau keys (closed holes) are available by special order at no additional charge.

Miyazawa keys employ an integrated cup and pad screw receiver design with a perfectly flat interior surface. This structural improvement increases the stability of pad adjustments and allows the pad cup to seal properly with the tonehole, leading to a more full and resonant tone.

Please see our Flat-Bottom Key Cups article for more information.

Cold Forged Key Mechanism

Cold forged parts are much stronger and more reliable than keys created through outdated heat-casting methods which compromise metal integrity.

Miyazawa is the only professional handmade flute company that utilizes a 100% cold forged key mechanism.

For more information, read our Cold Forged Keys article.

Anatomy of a Straubinger Pad

Straubinger™ Pad

Straubinger Pads were designed specifically for handmade flutes. The design of the pad ensures that it is virtually impervious to changes in temperature and humidity that cause felt pads to expand or contract. Straubinger Pads also have an extremely firm and flat surface. This creates a more precise seal, resulting in increased resonance and clarity of sound. The highest quality pad on the market today, Straubinger Pads are the perfect match for the highest quality flute.

For more information about Straubinger Pads see our article in the Library section. Premium quality felt pads are also available. Straubinger Pads are standard on North & South American models PB-202 and higher.