Mechanically Superior, Effortless to Play

“Purchasing a flute is a serious long term investment. That is why Miyazawa flutes are perfect for the serious flutist. They are mechanically superior to other flutes of similar prices and caliber, and they are effortless to play. My students and I are very excited about Miyazawa flutes, and I am most grateful (as a teacher) with the results of their new found enthusiasm!”


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My Miyazawa Sings with Color

“I’m entering my sophomore year at the University of North Texas. I am a flute performance major. I bought my first Miyazawa flute during Christmas of 2016. I had completed my first semester at UNT and was searching for a new flute with a mature sound. The moment I played my first note on my Miyazawa flute, I instantly fell in love with it. It sings with a variety of colors in the tone that it makes my sound magical. The resonance and intonation impressed me. Its flexibility allows me to explore new dynamics between the fierce fortes and gentles pianos. Even though I’ve only had my Miyazawa flute for only six months, I have performed with it in many concerts ranging from services at my church to UNT Wind Ensemble Concerts to my semester juries. I definitely know this is the flute that will take me far not only in my college career but into the professional world as well.”


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