Continually Impressed

“When I was shopping for a new flute several years ago, I ended up trying different brands. I instantly discovered that Miyazawa offered the most helpful customer service (Cathy Miller was wonderful in helping me find the perfect body and personalized headjoint) and best overall quality. I have played on this flute for several years now, and am continually impressed by the mechanism, intonation, and effortless singing quality. I love my Miyazawa!”



In celebration of the Miyazawa 50th Anniversary, we honor our past and embrace the future with a commemorative limited edition flute. This special model features 958 tubing with beautiful 14k gold soldered toneholes, solid 14k gold accents, and additional features including:

  • 14k gold faceted rings
  • 14k gold commemorative emblem
  • MX-2 headjoint with 14k crown, lip plate, riser, and reflector
  • Special engraving on key cups and crown
  • Straubinger Pads
  • Special edition case and leather case cover

When expressed in Kanji letters, the word “cosmo” carries the meaning to go beyond 100. Reflecting upon our 50th Anniversary, we have named this special model “AZ coSmo” as a symbol of our commitment to the next 50 years and beyond.

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