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The Brögger System™ Advantage

The Brögger SystemTM—the most advanced and stable mechanism design available.
The Brögger System™ was designed by Danish flutemaker Johan Brögger, who gained international recognition with his Brögger Mekanik™ design. His latest innovation, the Brögger System™, available only from Miyazawa, advances his original concept and includes the ground-breaking Brögger thumb key design. Featuring an innovative pinless mechanism with a curved coupling rod construction, enhanced ergonomic design and precise thumb key mechanism, the Brögger System™ will help elevate your performance. Other benefits include:

  • The capability to perfectly adjust and balance the spring tension of each individual key, resulting in a more even, effortless feel for the flutist.
  • Sleek one-piece rod and kicker construction. This simplified solution provides more structural integrity for a stronger, more stable and precise mechanism.
  • Reduced friction and less wear between moving parts.
  • Faster action and incredibly smooth mechanical function allowing the performer to have a virtuosic advantage and complete confidence in their flute.

The Brögger Thumb Key Mechanism™ Advantage
The Brögger Thumb Key Mechanism™ is a pioneering design that eliminates the necessity of flat springs and provides a more secure, comfortable fit in a flutist's hand. Traditional thumb key mechanisms require flat springs which contact the body tubing of the flute. Whenever the thumb B or Bb is depressed, the flat springs rub on the body tubing causing friction and wear. The innovative Brögger Thumb Key Mechanism™ enables the use of the same springs as on the mainline keys with additional desirable advantages.

  • Efficient and more responsive key action.
  • Less wear for increased stability and longevity.
  • Thumb key post located in an out-of-the-way position for smoother, more secure playing.
  • Ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue.

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