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Maintenance & Care

Annual Maintenance

Regular annual maintenance by a qualified repair technician is essential in the care of your flute or piccolo. Proper annual care by a professional will keep your instrument in top condition and uphold its value over time. Flutists who play several hours every day or who have a high acid content in their skin may benefit from more frequent service.

The following are the general steps involved in annual maintenance. As each individual player and instrument are unique, the extent of the work may vary.

  • The instrument is disassembled, cleaned and polished by hand to remove tarnish.
  • All accessible dents are removed.
  • The mechanism is disassembled (de-pinned) and cleaned. Fresh oil is applied.
  • Any mechanical problems are addressed and repaired.
  • Wooden instruments are treated with bore oil.
  • Any worn or broken springs are replaced and balanced for a smooth and even feel.
  • A new headjoint cork is installed.
  • Any loose or worn felts or bumpers are replaced.
  • All felt pads or Straubinger pads are carefully examined.
  • Worn or torn pads are replaced.
  • All pads are leveled by shimming to tolerances of less than .0005 inch so that they seal effortlessly with a very light touch.
  • The mechanism is precisely adjusted.
  • The instrument is tested to check for proper adjustment and response.

Appointments for service are scheduled in advance. This ensures that you are without your instrument for as little time as possible. Contact your technician in advance to arrange a date that will work for both of you. Include a note with your flute or piccolo outlining any specific problems or requests. Be sure to include your contact information. Please see our article How to Ship Your Flute for more helpful tips on shipping. Upon receiving your instrument, your technician will contact you with an estimate of work needed and an expected return date.

If your instrument has Straubinger pads, be sure find a certified Straubinger technician. Miyazawa Flutes, Ltd. is a certified Straubinger repair center able to handle all types and ranges of repairs on all makes of professional flutes and piccolos.

Annual maintenance is an important investment in your instrument. Regular professional service will assure a reliable instrument for years to come. Please see our article Is Your Flute Playing up to Its Potential? for further information, or contact us to schedule annual maintenance with our highly skilled and experienced technicians.

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