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The Miyazawa Improved Scale utilizes technical advances in modern scale design to give you precise interval intonation. Our standard pitch is A-442, enabling you to comfortably play between A-440 and A-444. Other available pitches are A-440, A-444 or A-446.vvtt


Drawn toneholes are seamlessly sculpted from the flute's body, giving you a quick, flexible response and a rich, resonant timbre. Soldered toneholes, on the other hand, are separate rings fused to the flute's tube, resulting in slightly increased resistance. Flutes with soldered toneholes are frequently characterized as dark or deep in timbre. Models 102 through Classic/Vision [called Type I in other markets] come with drawn toneholes while the Boston Classic/Elite models [called Type II in other markets] come with soldered toneholes.

The Straubinger™ Pad

Straubinger Pads were designed specifically for handmade flutes. The design of the pad ensures that it is virtually impervious to changes in temperature and humidity that cause felt pads to expand or contract. Straubinger Pads also have an extremely firm and flat surface. This creates a more precise seal, resulting in increased resonance and clarity of sound. The highest quality pad on the market today, Straubinger Pads are the perfect match for the highest quality flute.

Premium quality felt pads are also available. Straubinger Pads are standard on North American models PA-202 through Boston Classic.