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For the most personal element of your flute, the power of choice is truly yours. Select the headjoint that best fits your needs and rest assured that you will be getting an instrument rich with tonal colors and dynamic in its responsiveness.

Responding to the feedback of flutists, we have developed the most comprehensive selection of headjoints available. Several styles are available in a variety of metals to customize the sound and response of the flute. The price of each Miyazawa flute includes the player's choice of headjoint style. Miyazawa headjoints are also available for separate purchase.

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Headjoint Styles


Classic version of a modern headjoint style with moderate degrees of overcutting and undercutting. Slightly increased amount of resistance generally works well for those who "coax" the sound from the flute and direct their airstream when playing.


Modern style design with an open, warm sound. Works well for flutists with a fast airstream and very relaxed embouchure. Plenty of harmonics and projection characterize this headjoint cut.


Modern style headjoint with a generous amount of "spin." Consistent tone and response throughout the registers. Designed for flutists with a very fast airstream and who seek a powerful sound with a large, controlled dynamic range.


Modern style headjoint with a well-defined rectangular shaped embouchure hole. Generally works best for flutists who direct their airstream far downward with a wide aperture.

A modern version of a traditional style headjoint. Characterized by a dark sound, generous resistance, increased depth, as well as a rich tonal palette. Works well for those who use their air-speed to direct the sound.

For more detailed information about the characteristics of the different materials, please visit our Metals Page.

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