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"Thank you very much! I have just purchased my new Miyazawa flute, and I absolutely love it! I am very satisfied with it! I love that I am able to choose from many headjoints, and that I can add so many enhancements onto my flute! Miyazawa flutes had everything that I was looking for at a reasonable price! Thank you for making such great flutes! "

Taylor Benson - Bristol Eastern High School

"I just got a used 14K gold Miyazawa flute. This is my 9th "professional" flute and my 3rd gold flute that I have had throughout my playing years. I can't understand why the previous owner wanted to sell this flute, but her loss my gain! I've owned almost all brands of professional level flutes. I feel like an ad by saying I love my Miyazawa! I love the Brögger System! I love my headjoint too which is a M-6 with a platinum riser...this is the flute that lets me "play"! Like I said, I went through 9 flutes...this Miyazawa is my 10th and will be my last...10 is a good number! "

Robert Samson

"When I was a senior in high school I decided I wanted to major in music so my parents bought me an intermediate level flute, I broke through the wall on that in a year and half. This year, my sophomore year in college my parents bought me a heavy wall Miyazawa with a gold riser in the head joint. I have grown so much by having this instrument and I can't wait to hear more great things come from myself while playing my Miyazawa flute! "

Alex Nelson

"I bought my PA-401 from a friend who no longer plays the flute. It was very nice to play with and I can play it softly with a sweet sounding tone. I think all Miyazawa flutes I have played and am playing now are all very nice to play with.
Once again, I LOVE MY MIYAZAWA FLUTE!!! =D "


"Stable and crystal clear sound, exceptional innovation of mechanism and perfect intonation. This is how Miyazawa Flutes makes all my musical dreams come true!"

Noemi Gyori

"After years of struggling to manipulate the sound out of my old flute, I finally could not take it. When I bought my new Miyazawa, everything changed for the better! Playing is such an ease, and there's no 'fighting' to get the beautiful tone I want. I have received countless positive comments on my playing, and wanting to know the brand of my flute. If anyone asks me what brand to get, I always respond with Miyazawa. Not only are the flutes an amazing fit for all types of flute players, the customer service is phenomenal!"

Allison Rains

"Not only do you make incredible flutes, but you have amazing customer service as well! Your response is very helpful and I am looking forward to my "new" flute. When it comes time to upgrade again, I will be sticking with Miyazawa!"

Tom Leur

"I didn't think any flute could compare to my silver Classic with 24k riser, but then I played a 14k gold Boston Classic with a platinum riser... and out of 10 makers and 20 flutes, Miyazawa is the clear winner. I love my Miyazawa!!"

Chris Smith - Vice President of Tucson Flute Club