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"Thought you'd appreciate hearing that I'm still lovin' my Miyazawa . . . and little baby Hammig, too. I fall more in love with my flute every time I play it! It is so bold and responsive! (YEA for the platinum riser!!!!)"

Mona Gardner

"I tried Miyazawa flutes about 15 years ago and had not tried them again until about a month ago when I started searching for a new flute. I cannot begin to tell you how amazed I was! I have been hearing so much about your flutes, and it is all true: Miyazawa is now the flute of choice for the most demanding players. While I thought I would likely purchase a "Boston-made" flute, I now have my heart set on a new Miyazawa. Thank you for your beautiful flutes, your stunning headjoint selection and your unbeatable customer service. I know that I am in good hands with your company! "

Sarah Goldman - Orchestra/Freelance/Instructor

"About five years ago I lost a dear friend. My 1977 Powell flute disappeared while enroute via UPS for maintenance. I was devastated. This was mid-August, and, as second flutist with the Des Moines Symphony, I needed a good replacement and fast! Cathy Miller from Miyazawa had told me about the new prototype (now known as the Boston Classic) to be unveiled at the 1996 NFA Convention. Since I was unable to attend that year, she had offered to send it to me to try after the convention. My call to Cathy in late August was not only one of curiosity but also one of great hope that I could try the flute and that I would like it! The Miyazawa team was so helpful. I really loved the flute. It was very responsive, projected well, was easy to play in tune, and let me use a variety of tone colors. Of course, there were several headjoints to try with it. As a second flutist, I was concerned about being able to match tone with my colleague. It worked well. I ordered a flute, and Miyazawa had it ready for me as soon as it was possible. My intention was to play it for that symphony season and to try other flutes at the following year's NFA Convention for comparison. I planned to make a change if I found something I felt suited me better. Well, here I am, five years later, very happy with my "new friend". I really didn't feel a great need to try other flutes at that 1997 convention, but I did anyway. I came away secure and happy with my Miyazawa. The excellent service that the technicians at Miyazawa provide keeps flutes playing in top condition. Of course, I'm always interested in what's new, particularly in headjoint research and design. The Miyazawa Company comes up with wonderful new ideas regularly. Thank you very much, Miyazawa! "

Mary Peterson - Flutist, Des Moines Symphony

"Dear Miyazawa, I bought a classic series handmade flute from your company a little over two years ago. I absolutely love it! Everyday I am thankful to have such a beautiful instrument that plays so beautifully. Not to mention my Miyazawa flute has taken me to new levels. I looked for 6 months to find the right flute, and Miyazawa was definitely the right choice. Thanks so much. "

Beth D.

"I've had my flute nearly 16 years now and I still love it as much as the day I purchased it. The mechanism is flawless. I can't say enough great things about Miyazawa flutes!"

Kate Fish

""My Miyazawa flutes are remarkable. Not only have they allowed me to grow technically, but they have allowed me to develop musically. Mechanically speaking, my Miyazawas have held up beautifully, including a taxing performance schedule last year including Carnegie Hall. The flutes and head joints have never held me back in what I needed to do. I never perform without audience members coming up and asking me what kind of flute I am playing, because they tell me they have never heard anything like it. I proudly say "I play Miyazawa!" "

Margaret Cornils - Flutist, Pianist, Composer University of Wisconsin-Platteville Music Faculty

"I have been playing Miyazawa flutes since 1997 and bought my Classic Model with the Brögger System over two years ago. Recently I added a 9k gold headjoint and 14k gold riser. The tonal quality of the 9k is so warm and stable and it serves me equally well in large ensembles as well as chamber ensembles. Listeners often compliment me about the sound I get on my Miyazawa. I have also found that after two years, the Brögger System holds adjustment and is so quick and responsive, truly a mechanism you can rely on. Several of my students have purchased Miyazawas and they absolutely love them. Thanks again for making a flute that truly allows me to reach new levels of musical expression. "

Keith Hanlon - Virginia Commonwealth University

"I bought the Miyazawa Vision flute you brought to the Kansas City NFA Convention. I don't think I could have found a better match for me. The heavy wall with the .958 lets me push the flute hard when I want to- no overblowing- and the tone is incredibly rich and colorful. I'm getting all kinds of compliments about my playing. I notice, too, that the note-to-note tuning is virtually effortless. It will take some practice for my fingers to move fast enough to take advantage of the Brögger, but practice has become fun! If flutists wonder if the wall thickness and alloy really make a difference, I would say yes. If you want to be able to push a flute that has a fair amount of resistance (I do, but some do not), this flute will richly reward you for what you give it. I hear layers and layers of harmonics. I loved the other models, but for me this one had that extra bit of magic. Thanks for being so easy to work with. "

Jeannie Bowers