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"What a difference a Miyazawa flute makes! I never thought I could make certain notes sound like they do now. "

Angelo Possemiers

"Just an aspiring flutist, but since I purchased my Miyazawa I've been inspired to play every day. It's a great piece of workmanship! I never knew it could make such a difference. "

T. Bentley

"I spent 3 hours recently at the Carolyn Nussbaum Music store in Texas. It was an amazing experience! It was a busy day there, so I started narrowing down my choices on my own. After just a short time, it became clear that I wanted a Miyazawa! Carolyn then helped me choose between 4 different Miyazawas and lots of headjoints. She was very helpful and knowledgable. I now have the flute of my dreams!! Thank you Miyazawa!! "


"I am particularly impressed with the range of color possibilities of Miyazawa flutes. The solid mechanism and ease of response make it possible to achieve even the most subtle highlights. Over the many years I have dealt with Miyazawa, I have found the flutes to be of consistent high quality and the professional expertise invaluable to myself and my students! "

Lori Akins - Professor of Flute and professional performer

"I have fallen in love with this flute and continue to fall in love each time I play it. This is the perfect flute for me; a match made in Heaven to say the least. Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity of the trial program. Over the course of a week I've received a ton of great feedback from my private teacher, my accompanist, my former music educators, my classmates and most of my professors. Every one of them told me the same thing: keep the Miyazawa!!! "

Jessica L. Morgan

"My new Boston Classic Miyazawa flute is without doubt the finest flute I've ever owned. Amazingly responsive, resonant, and even throughout the full range, it performs beautifully in the smallest chamber ensemble up through large orchestra. The superb key action makes easy work of the most complicated technical passages. Equipped with the new 24-carat gold riser on the head joint, thereby providing amazing color and dynamic possibilities, it is a solo instrument without peer! It is a great pleasure to recommend Miyazawa flutes to all those who take their flute playing seriously."

Phillip Swanson - Professor of Flute Emeritus, Northern Arizona University; Private teacher and performer

"My Miyazawa convinced me to return to my studying the flute. Where my other flutes seemed to limit me, my Miyazawa really stretches my capabilities and keeps asking for more. A very versatile flute for many years to come! It made me love the flute once again! "

Frits van der Veen - Patents, flute and bandoneon playing, music recording studio

"Thought you'd appreciate hearing that I'm still lovin' my Miyazawa . . . and little baby Hammig, too. I fall more in love with my flute every time I play it! It is so bold and responsive! (YEA for the platinum riser!!!!)"

Mona Gardner