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"When I was shopping for a new flute several years ago, I ended up trying different brands. I instantly discovered that Miyazawa offered the most helpful customer service (Cathy Miller was wonderful in helping me find the perfect body and personalized headjoint) and best overall quality. I have played on this flute for several years now, and am continually impressed by the mechanism, intonation, and effortless singing quality. I love my Miyazawa!"

Abi Coffer

"I am the proud owner of a new Miyazawa 9k flute. I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am. When I began my flute shopping, I tried everything and was overwhelmed by the choices. It quickly became clear that the Miyazawa was superior in everyway. Thank you for my beautiful flute! "

Anna Miller - Teacher/Performer

"When I decided to buy a new flute, I spent about a year and a half searching, trying all kinds of different instruments. I was not satisfied with anything until I decided to try Miyazawa. There I found what I had been looking for: a rich flexible sound, a smooth even mechanism, and the right balance between power and sensitivity. I love my Miyazawa! "

Marisela Sager - Assistant Principal Flute of the Baltimore Symphony

"I have played a Miyazawa since 1990 and would play nothing but a Miyazawa! I have tested every professional flute and found the Miyazawa flute to be far superior to the rest. I tested a Miyazawa while a student at The Oberlin Conservatory of Music and have played one ever since. Today, as a professional flutist, I continue to perform on one and recommend it to all my students. BRAVO! "

Karl Lutgens - Professional Flutist and Educator, North Miami Symphony, Florida Wind Symphony, Hollywood Symphony

"The value for the dollar can't be beat! I love everything about the flutes, from the smooth key action to the terrific customer service that my students and I have come to expect from the people at Miyazawa Flutes. My students love the beauty of tone and response Miyazawa offers them. With this new tonal palette available flutists are able to reach new heights of musical growth. "

Cynthia Ellis - Principal Flute, Opera Pacific Orchestra; Piccolo, Pacific Symphony; Instructor of Applied Flute, CS

"My Miyazawa gives me a full, rich and flexible tone even in extreme dynamic ranges. The platinum riser offers a quick and focused response, which combined with a fast mechanism make a terrific instrument. I love my Miyazawa! "

Tadeu Coelho - Flute Professor, North Carolina School of the Arts

"Our Miyazawas give us spectacular projection and power, and an extensive range of colors that is perfect for our dynamic and eclectic repertoire. We are thrilled to play flutes that can adapt both to our individual styles and the unique blend we require as a duo. We love our Miyazawas! "

Claudia Anderson and Jill Felber - ZAWA!

"My Miyazawa alto is the envy of my peers - gutsy, gorgeous, yet light to the grasp! Numerous students from my private and University studio have found the flutes of their dreams at Miyazawa thanks to the able assistance of Cathy and her crew - offering the opportunity to shop for specifics guided by sensitive and insightful experts in the flute field. Service with a smile, excellent and efficient."

Cheryl Gobbetti Hoffman - Professional Chamber Orchestra - Associate Director, June in Buffalo Festival