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"Miyazawa flutes and Hammig piccolos are the best deals on the market. I am thrilled with the rich character of sound, the range and depth of tonal variety and responsiveness of the keys. As a college teacher I recommend Miyazawa flutes because they are beautifully made and stay in repair better and longer than most and the service is truly exceptional. Everyone at Miyazawa is warm, friendly, accessible and an utter joy to work with."

Shelley Binder - Associate Professor of Flute, University of Tennessee

"As a professional performer, recording artist, and teacher, I choose Miyazawa for the warm and elegant sound. I am impressed by Miyazawa's high standards of craftsmanship and the instrument's responsiveness and effortless mechanism - all of which enable me to express myself to the fullest! "

Amy Ziegelbaum - Performing and Recording Artist

"The Miyazawa flute plays with the perfect combination of resonance, projection, and sweetness in the tone. They posses a beautiful fluidity between registers, and articulate with ease. I've been playing Miyazawa flutes since 1997 and couldn't imagine playing on any other instrument. "

Jessica Hull-Dambaugh

"I think the Brögger action is the greatest advancement on the flute since Boehm's invention and you may quote me on that. "

James Galway

"I was at a music educator's conference in the mid-1980's on a 'mission' to try out as many flutes as I could in my search for the best flute to recommend to my students. I played a lot of flutes and met with a lot of people, and I kept going back to the Miyazawa booth. THE FLUTES WERE WONDERFUL. I was impressed with how smooth the action felt and I noticed that the quality felt consistent on all the models from the most expensive down to the least expensive. The variety of headjoints offered more options in sound and color. The representatives were extremely knowledgeable and very willing to spend time with me. Through the years, I have found those same qualities with everyone at Miyazawa. They are extremely professional, knowledgeable (most are accomplished flutists themselves), respectful and genuinely willing to help. Thus began my relationship with this flute and the company. This relationship has continued to get stronger and stronger over the years. As a professional flutist and teacher, I am very protective of my students and their parents when it comes to purchasing a new flute. I know that they can be at the mercy of the salesperson and many times do not have the expertise to make an informed purchase. The Miyazawa company has always allowed me to try out flutes and headjoints for my students until we are satisfied. That is an important part of their relationship with the customer. Many companies SAY that customer satisfaction comes first but then they don't prove it. This company proves it all the time! My students know that if they have any questions about their flute, they can call the company and a professional will be there to help them. That is a rare thing!!! Over the years, many of my students have purchased a Miyazawa flute and not one of them has ever been dissatisfied - and that includes ME! It wasn't long before I wanted to switch over to a Miyazawa flute. I have owned several different models and I have loved them all. As a professional performer, I am a very satisfied customer. This company continues to listen to the suggestions of its customers and to incorporate their ideas when it is appropriate. In the area of repair, they are simply the best. I have never had anyone get my flute to feel exactly as I want it until I had the technicians at Miyazawa work on my flute. I am not the only one who feels that way. A company that offers integrity, quality and customer satisfaction can only continue to prosper. I am truly grateful for my relationship with Miyazawa. "

Jenifer McKenzie - Dallas Opera Orchestra

"One of the primary goals of all musicians is to perform on an instrument that is truly an extension of their souls. Miyazawa Flutes have allowed me not only to express my spirit but have also assisted me in my ongoing journey of musical growth and personal discovery. I am enormously proud to perform as a Miyazawa Artist! "

Michelle LaPorte - Flutist, Serenade Flute and Guitar Ensemble; Adjunct Professor of Flute, Five Towns College

"I am thrilled to recommend the Miyazawa flute to my students and colleagues. Regardless of budget or performance level, there is a perfect flute in the Miyazawa line to fit any player's needs. Every Miyazawa flute is a work of art, providing the lightest, most even key action; a rich, full-bodied sound with a variety of tone colors; exceptional pitch and scale; and a superbly fit mechanism and padding that holds adjustment over time. Equally important, the customer service of Miyazawa is unequaled. Every customer is given full attention and every effort is made without obligation to assist the player in finding a flute that will suit his/her individual needs. In addition, the repair technicians are simply the best and provide detailed, professional service to ensure that the instrument arrives in perfect playing condition and will stay that way. Simply put, when I think of top-of-the-line flutes in terms of construction, value, selection, and customer service (before AND after the sale), I think of Miyazawa. You simply cannot go wrong choosing a Miyazawa! "

Julianna Moore - Associate Professor of Flute, Truman State University, Kirksville, MO

"First and foremost, I want to thank you all for creating such a wonderful instrument at such an excellent price. I spent over a year searching for the perfect flute, and I found it with Miyazawa flutes. Every day, I am thrilled to know that I am playing an instrument that fits me perfectly, has a color palette beyond compare, and can easily play passages that soar into the sky, while retaining the ability to whisper the most tender themes imaginable. Thank you for making my dreams come true in a Miyazawa! "

Adam Pettry - EKU Music Performance Student