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"I've tried every brand of flute on the market, and nothing compares to my Miyazawa! I love my Miyazawa! "

Ann Dunnington - Private Flute Teacher

"I have owned other flutes on which I learned how to be a better player. But my Miyazawa is the only one that has made me a better player, and continues to every time I play it. Its dynamic responsiveness, range of coloristic possibilities, and light but ever so accurate mechanism have allowed me to become the player I had always heard inside my head. Now I can hear that player in recordings! "

Lee Ann Stickney-Chivers - Flute Instructor, The Masters College, Santa Clarita, CA

"Over the past several years, many of my students have purchased Miyazawa flutes, and I have students playing nearly all the available models. These instruments are exquisitely crafted, really beautifully made, durable and yet capable of producing sounds ranging from the robust to the extravagantly delicate. With the many fine flutes available for purchase today, it is especially nice to have a line like this represent consistent quality and reliability. "

Cynthia Stevens - Stevens Flute Studio; Waukesha, Wisconsin

"I am continually amazed and ecstatic with my Boston Classic! I cannot imagine being any happier or using anything else. "

Rebecca Povodator - USC Student

"I adore my Miyazawa. Its incredible ease of response and light, fluid key action make it a joy to play. My students' eyes light up with pleasure with I let them try my flute. A tubist friend perhaps put it best: 'Even I sound great on this flute!' I tried many, many flutes in my quest for a new instrument in the early 1990's, and Miyazawa was the only flute that commanded, 'Buy me!' "

Dori Quan - Flute Instructor, South Dakota State University

"The Miyazawa flute incorporates many of the best qualities that other flutes have to offer. In many ways, I consider this to be the ideal flute for either the aspiring flutist or professional. Quality and craftsmanship consistently exist from their base to the top-of-the-line models in every way. If you are searching for a flute, start with Miyazawa and you may not have to look much further. These flutes are by far some of the best flutes being made today. "

Jacob Roseman - Artist/Instructor, Wausau Conservatory of Music; Principal Flute, Green Bay Symphony Orchestra

"Exquisite craftsmanship, tone, and best of all, service are some of the reasons I recommend Miyazawa flutes to my students. From the low end to the high end, Miyazawa's consistently high quality instruments combined with their personalized attention to the needs of each student keep me coming back for more. Thanks for the great work! "

Anne Diamond - Freelance performer and teacher

"I love my flute and have been playing it for 8 years now. Best purchase I EVER made. Thank you for such a wonderful product! "

Dawn Sisley - Miyazawa fan to the end