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"I bought my Miyazawa almost three years ago after trying just about every other brand of flute, side by side. At the time, my teacher was unsure about my selection. Recently, she told me "don't sell that flute, ever. You sound fantastic!" I am more than satisfied with my Miyazawa 402, which has aided me in acheiving everything I have accomplished. It equals and outplays flutes costing more than twice as much for everyone that has tried it, including my teacher!"

Laura R. - Student, Freelance Performer, Instructor

"I recently purchased a beautiful Miyazawa flute and couldn't be happier. A number of musicians in my orchestra have commented on the improvement in my sound without solicitation. Thank you for such a gorgeous instrument!"

Allison Gordon

"Purchasing a flute is a serious long term investment. That is why Miyazawa flutes are perfect for the serious flutist. They are mechanically superior to other flutes of similar prices and caliber, and they are effortless to play. My students and I are very excited about Miyazawa flutes, and I am most grateful (as a teacher) with the results of their new found enthusiasm!"

Elena Yarritu - Freelance Performer and Teacher

"The demanding repertoire that I perform requires a reliable, flexible instrument with a full and versatile sound. I can't imagine playing anything other than Miyazawa!"

Laurel Zucker

"I love my new Boston Classic with 14k MZ-7 headjoint. It is completely amazing. I wish I could buy 100 more!!! "

Sarah Carter

"The Miyazawa company has done so much for me and my flute, and I can't tell you enough how stupendous a company you are. My flute is amazing and I have found the people at Miyazawa to be helpful and kind. I would like to tell you personally that it has been amazing knowing you, ever since the beginning when you helped me choose my new flute. I can honestly say that without the Miyazawa company I would not be where I am today, and I will always be thankful for that. "

Lauren Glass

"Like so many players, finding that ultimate flute often proves so difficult. Now my search is over, I have a Miyazawa flute. It allows me to express my style of playing - colours, flexibility, power or delicacy when needed. Added to this is a quality of mechanism and craftsmanship which is unparalleled. I can't say any more - my Miyazawa is brilliant! "

Clare Southworth - GRNCM PPRNCM

"My Miyazawa flute gives me great flexibility in colors, a quick dynamic response and powerful projection; all of which allow me to easily express my own personal style of playing. The resonance and fluidity of the sound throughout the range of the flute combined with an even and smooth mechanism creates the perfect flute! I love my Miyazawa! "

Ginny Broffitt - Winner of the 2004 NFA Young Artist Competition