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"When I pick up and try a flute, I want to feel solid. Once I feel this foundation through its clarity and coherence, I want the freedom to create sound with an unlimited palate of color. I like spontaneity, and I want to trust my instrument to adjust to me, swiftly and accurately. My Miyazawa gives me just that, and I'm still exploring the endless possibilities it has to offer. "

Alexander Ishov - Emerging Artist

"I bought a Miyazawa Boston Classic 14K gold flute on June 5, 2012. The flute has a sparkle, vibrant, full, colorful, and responsive sound with very smooth and fast key action. I love my new flute and I play it everyday! Thank you Miyazawa for all that you have to offer me! I am so happy with my Miyazawa flute! "

Janeanne Wantz

"I love my Miyazawa, because with “her” I can get the sound that I want - it’s a brillant sound with projection, and I have the freedom to express music as I like. I feel very free when I play and can produce many tone colors. The mechanism is excellent; the response is very fast and I am so proud to have this great flute in Venezuela. I’ve recommended it to all my friends and flute teachers."

Javier Rodriguez - Principal Flute with the Teresa Carreño Youth Orchestra (TCYO) of Venezuela

"As a performer of Miyazawa Flutes since 1984, I continue to be thrilled with the Miyazawa's variety of tonal colors, dynamic range and quick, responsive mechanism. In any situation, I can always count on my Miyazawa to allow me to perform my best!"

Laurel Ann Maurer - Principal Flute, Salt Lake Symphony; International Performing and Recording Artist

"My Miyazawa flute has a beautiful, rich tone and great flexibility. I receive many positive comments about the sound on this flute. It's a wonderful instrument that I absolutely love playing!"

Michelle Barraclough - Freelance Performer and Teacher

"My name is Michael; I am 15 and I recently bought a Miyazawa Classic Series flute. I just wanted to tell you that playing on it is like a dream. The projection, color, sound, and resonance that I can produce with this flute is amazing. Thank you for producing such a wonderful instrument!"


"I am continually delighted by the results my students get when they decide to play a Miyazawa flute. Not only is the quality of the mechanism evident in the immediately increased fluidity of their technique, but most dramatic is the instant improvement in beauty, subtlety, and color diversity of their sound. My students and I have been happy each time they have purchased a Miyazawa flute."

John Martin - Director, Michigan State University Community Music School

"My Miyazawa flute is everything I could have wanted, and more. The depth and color that are possible with this instrument is astounding, and intonation is the best of any flute I have owned. The search for the ultimate flute is over!"

Karen Vaughn-Smith - Piccolo, Gainesville Symphony, Georgia