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"I didn't think any flute could compare to my silver Classic with 24k riser, but then I played a 14k gold Boston Classic with a platinum riser... and out of 10 makers and 20 flutes, Miyazawa is the clear winner. I love my Miyazawa!!"

Chris Smith - Vice President of Tucson Flute Club

"My Miyazawa gives me a full, rich but yet flexible sound. This, combined with the smooth action of the Brogger mechanism with a resonant ringing tone in all octaves makes the perfect flute. I LOVE my Miyazawa!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Macy McClain

"Just wanted to let y'all know that I continue to be THRILLED with my new head joint. I was ready for a change and WHAT a change. It makes my old Miya sound so refreshing for the next decade! "

Adrianne Greenbaum - FleytMuzik and Professor at Mount Holyoke College

"I started playing flute when I was five years old. I started on a Jupiter with a curved head joint, but eventually needed a bigger flute. I bought a Miyazawa and absolutely love it! They are truly the best flutes out there and are definitely worth every penny. Now I am looking into buying a Miyazawa with the Brögger system, and am very excited to try one out."

Mariel Kean

"I love your new advertisements about the various colors! Red, Green.. Brilliant advertising, and right on the mark for Miyazawa! Your flutes cover every single tone color - it's almost as if all I have to do is "think" of the tonal color I want and the Miyazawa Vision I was testing out read my mind and delivered. Amazing instrument."

Julie Hollowell

"How many ways can one praise Miyazawa?!! Almost ten years ago I purchased a classic series flute directly from the company. The staff was a joy to work with, and they were extremely helpful. Several months after purchasing my flute I decided to upgrade to a 14k headjoint. I went through several headjoint shipments until I found my perfect fit- an MZ-6 with a platinum riser and engraving unmatched in beauty on the lip plate and crown. I was extremely appreciative that the staff was willing to work with my perfectionistic tendencies to help me find my best fit. The end result was magical, and I am still blown away by this flute every time I pick it up. Aside from its tonal capabilities, the instrument has the smoothest, most fluid mechanism I have ever played - and this is a pre-brogger system instrument! The repair technicians are geniuses, and they keep you posted on the status/needs of your instrument. Miyazawa is a wonderful company with an incredible staff- the perfect match for the perfect flute! "

Jessica L. F.

"I have owned my Miyazawa flute for several years now, and I absolutely LOVE it! I have received numerous complements on my sound and the fluidity of this flute, and every time, I am more than happy to say that it is a Miyazawa! "

Lisa Napier

"Yesterday I had the great honor to sample some of your wonderful flutes. It was an incredible experience! The staff were knowledgeable and friendly in helping me find great models and even putting up with my endless stream of questions. Every model that I had a chance to play was inspirational! Miyazawa is certainly top notch, I know that someday I will have the joy to call a Miyazawa my own."

Samuel Guyer