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"After my teacher realized I needed a new flute, finding the right one was a struggle until I played on my Miyazawa Vision RH. Right from the start I was in love with its smooth mechanism, beautiful intonation and how it allowed me to create a variety of tonal colors and express my music. It is the perfect flute for me and gives me more confidence to develop as an artist. Thank you Miyazawa for making a superb flute!"

Joanna Kim

"My name is Alexandra Langley and I'm entering my sophomore year at the University of North Texas. I am a flute performance major. I bought my first Miyazawa flute during Christmas of 2016. I had completed my first semester at UNT and was searching for a new flute with a mature sound. The moment I played my first note on my Miyazawa flute, I instantly fell in love with it. It sings with a variety of colors in the tone that it makes my sound magical. The resonance and intonation impressed me. Its flexibility allows me to explore new dynamics between the fierce fortes and gentles pianos. Even though I've only had my Miyazawa flute for only 6 months, I have performed with it in many concerts ranging from services at my church to UNT Wind Ensemble Concerts to my semester juries. I definitely know this is the flute that will take me far not only in my college career but into the professional world as well. "

Alexandra Langley

"I just wanted to let you know that I purchased my heavy wall classic about 20 years ago. With only one overhaul (and some COAs) it has remained an AMAZING instrument. I've played it side by side with muramatsu, altus, a gold Pearl flute and my Sankyo and it has always remained my preference. the key action is beyond remarkable. I have a horrible singing voice but love music. My Miyazawa is my voice, so thank you. "

Meredith Esposito

"Who can resist owning a Miyazawa flute? My long search for perfection is over. I am now a proud owner of an irreplaceable flute which has immediately enhanced my talent. I love its reliability, clarity and variability. Miyazawa, your flutes make my heart sing!"

Sarpay Özçağatay - Miyazawa Artist

"I chose my Miyazawa after trying out over a dozen flutes from different companies. None, however, could stand up to the precise clarity, ringing tone, and variety of colors that the Miyazawa flute provided me. What I love most about my flute is how it has allowed me to grow as a musician by helping me to find my own individual, artistic voice. "

Emily Potter - Emerging Artist

"I am now playing my second Miyazawa flute. I acquired my current flute two years ago after an extensive search process. After trying several flutes from many different makers, my Miyazawa flute was the clear winner. The projection and clarity of sound could not be beat and the tone color was unsurpassed. I am very pleased with the beauty and quality of both of my flutes. They have truly facilitated my growth as an artist. "

Gina Luciani - Emerging Artist

"I love Miyazawa, because when you find ‘the one’ that is just right for you, you and everyone around you knows it! My Elite heavy-wall with platinum riser feels so great to play on. It has plenty of resistance, allowing me to achieve a wide variety of colors and dynamics. With such a wonderful sound in all three registers, the incredibly smooth and solid mechanism is a bonus and I was really blown away. Every day, I am able to play and discover something new to love about this flute. I tried so many brands when looking for my new flute, and I’m such a fan of Miyazawa that this new flute happens to be the second Miyazawa I’ve purchased! "

Eric Maul - Emerging Artist

"I enjoy the flexibility and nuance my Miyazawa provides. It allows for an evenness between registers that includes support and strength in the low end as well as sweetness in the high end. I knew immediately it would be the right flute to accomodate my different playing styles, between solo recitals, orchestra, and chamber music. Whether I'm playing something loud or soft, baroque or contemporary, I am confident that my Miyazawa will have the fluidity to make me sound my best. "

Jessica Anastasio - Emerging Artist