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"I appreciated the time Tonya spent explaining things to me. It made me feel confident."

Jean Wolbert

"Thank you so much! Looks and plays like a brand new flute! The response on the keys is better than ever! Wonderful Work!"

Jennifer Wagaman

"I am extremely pleased with Erik Swanson's overhaul of my Muramatsu!"

James Sprinkle

"Amazing work - my flute looks like new!"

Megan Luljak

"I enjoy working with Tonya. She's always nice and professional, and my flute always sounds great when I get it back. Thanks!"

Natalie Jordan

"Great Job! I didn't realize how much better my flute would play!"

Ruth Ann McClain

"My flute is amazing! I love Miyazawa! Thank you so much Erik!"

Sarah Carter

"Thank you so much for the work you did on my flute. It is unreal!! I've improved so much just because of your work! I didn't know my flute could look that clean or work this well. NONE of my old problems have come back. Thanks for such a professional job & for being so nice!"