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Miyazawa Newsletter - November 2016

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Areon CD Release - Nov. 18

Miyazawa Artists Areon Flutes release their innova debut, Thrive, featuring living composers Elaine Lillios, Cornelius Boots and Mike Samperi. Lillios was Areon's 2014 International Composition Competition winner, and her Summer Sketches depicts the sonic landscape of the world of insects through extended techniques on the flute family. Chthonic Suite (Boots) takes the listener on a three-movement journey to the underworld with reflective, joyful and rocking moments. Uncanny Valley (Sempert) offers a glimpse into a future world of artificial intelligence and the struggle between synthetic and organic minds. Both Sempert and Boots were commissions from Areon.

Areon flutes have been hailed as one of the most memorable live performers of 2015 by the San Francisco Examiner. Utilizing the entire flute family including ocarina, slide whistle and beyond, Areon is an ensemble dedicated to the presentation of new music in a unique way. Now in their 12th year, Areon flutes provide a fusion of sounds that can be at times soothing, melancholy, joyfully vibrant, or when used in a less traditional manner, overtly dissonant, puzzling, fractured and otherworldly.

For more information, and to listen to sound samples, please click here.
The Self-Inspired Flutist

We've enjoyed reading 'The Self-Inspired Flutist', a blog created by Miyazawa Artist Terri Sánchez that offers helpful and inspiring strategies for practicing and performing. You will find posts such as, Go Ahead and Sweat It: A Flutist's Unconventional Guide to Handling Performance Anxiety, My Best Breathing Advice Ever, or... How I learned About Breathing from a Chocolate Bar and True Confessions: Why I Think Practicing is Like Doing the Dishes. Regardless the topic, Terri always provides a positive, creative approach, making her blog a must-read for flutists alike.

Terri is currently the Senior Lecturer in Flute at the University of Texas at Arlington. Legendary Flutist Paula Robison writes, "Sánchez has a beautiful presence as a player, and her sparkling clear sound spins out and fills the air with poetry." Sanchez is a top prize winner in many national flute competitions including 1st Prize, National Flute Association Orchestral Audition Competition, 2nd prize, NFA Young Artist Competition (along with "Best Performance of Newly Commissioed Work"), and 2nd Prize, Myrna W. Brown Artist Competition, among others.

To read posts from 'The Self-Inspired Flutist', please click here.
upcoming Events
Interested in attending an event by one of our Miyazawa Artists? Find an event in your area by checking out our Artist Events Calendar on our website for any upcoming performances of our Artists!
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f you have certain specifications that you are interested in and will be able to attend any of these events, please contact us in advance. We will be happy to bring something special for you.

The Midwest Clinic - December 14-16, 2016
Miyazawa will be exhibiting at the 70th Annual Midwest Clinic held at the McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. Please visit us at Booth #414.
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Florida Flute Convention - January 27-29, 2017
Miyazawa will be exhibiting at the Florida Flute Convention held at the Orlando Airport Marriott in Orlando, FL. Guest Artist is Leone Buyse.
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Mid-Atlantic Flute Fair - February 18-19, 2017
Miyazawa will be exhibiting at the Mid-Atlantic Flute Fair held at the Sheraton Reston Hotel in Reston, VA. Guest Artist is Aaron Goldman.
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Artist Interview
Noémi Györi
Our Featured Artist for the month is Noémi Györi

Miyazawa Artist Noémi Györi is Principal Flute of the Orchester Jakobplatz Munchen, substitute of the BBC Philharmonic and substitute of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, participating in such projects as the premiere of Aribert Reimann's Medea opera production. In 2012, Noémi was appointed "Associate Tutor in Flute" at the Royal Northern College of Music, being one of the youngest faculty members. She has performed extensively as a soloist and chamber musician in major international festivals in 28 countries. In addition, Noémi gave her Carnegie Hall debut in October of 2011 as a First Prize Winner of the Alexander and Buono International Flute Competition.

Noémi is currently on the artist roster of the Swiss Global Artistic Foundation and most recently released her latest CD, Glowing Sonorities, under the Hungaroton label. One can also hear performances from her classical flute and guitar project with guitarist Katalin Koltai by clicking here.

We had the opportunity to ask Noémi a few questions.
Click on the link to hear her thoughts on the most important thing to emphasize not only in her teaching, but also in her own playing, a background on her latest project as well as advice for upcoming flutists.
Featured Article
"Annual Maintenance"
Regular annual maintenance by a qualified repair technician is essential in the care of your flute or piccolo. Proper annual care by a professional will keep your instrument in top condition and uphold its value over time. Annual maintenance is an important investment in your instrument as well as your career.

Our featured article for the month of November discusses the general steps involved in annual maintenance. Click on the link below to read our featured article.

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Michel Bellavance performs Takemitsu's "Voice"
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Miyazawa Spotlight
Ask an Artist - Sonja Giles

Hello Sonja, my name is Clifford,

How could I play music when I feel that my body is not fresh or tired? Would you do something like yoga?

Sincerely yours,


Dear Clifford,

What a good question! You are right on track by going to yoga to refresh and reboot yourself before a practice session. Breathing, stretching, and centering of the mind are not only essential elements of yoga, but also important precursors to productive practice sessions. I try to incorporate these ideas into my everyday life and frequently infuse my flute warm-ups with physical moves that focus on balance while engaging my core. Traditional yoga postures energize me and really help my flute playing.

Breathing is a central component in yoga and the focus of my response today. I like exercises that take very little time and don't require a dedicated space or equipment. They are more practical for those with a busy schedule. An excellent and easy exercise to try is pursed-lips breathing. Here's how you do it:

-Breathe in through your nose for about 2-3 seconds.
-Pucker your lips (as though you are about to blow out candles on a birthday cake).
-Breathe slowly through pursed-lips for about 4-10 seconds.

The Moffitt Cancer Center has posted several articles and videos to their website that are applicable to rejuvenating your practice session, including tips for stress relief, healing hand positions, and various simple yoga routines. My favorite breathing exercise is 'Alternate Nostril Breathing' which is fully described in a YouTube link in the article "Stress Relief You Can Take Anywhere." Find out more at

I hope that these ideas can help jump-start your practice. Have fun with your flute!


Click here to read more about Miyazawa Artist Sonja Giles.
Featured Testimonial
"I have owned my Miyazawa flute for several years now, and I absolutely LOVE it! I have received numerous complements on my sound and the fluidity of this flute, and every time, I am more than happy to say that it is a Miyazawa!"

- Lisa Napier
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