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Miyazawa Newsletter - March 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Enjoy this video of Miyazawa Artist Joanie Madden and her Irish band 'Cherish the Ladies' as we celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

Please click here to watch 'St. Patrick's Day Blessing with Cherish the Ladies'.
Göran Marcusson 2016 US Tour

Miyazawa Artist Göran Marcussonwill be performing and teaching at the following events during his 2016 US Tour:

March 28-30, 2016: University of Nevada, Reno
April 2-3, 2016: Portland Flute Fair
April 4, 2016: University of Wyoming, Laramie
April 9, 2016: West Valley Music, Mountain View, CA
April 15-16, 2016: Sacramento Flute Club

In addition to these dates, Göran will also be teaching and performing at the following summer festivals:

June 25-July 2, 2016: Wildacres Flute Retreat
July 8-24, 2016: Newport Music Festival
August 11-14, 2016: National Flute Association Convention

Göran burst into the American flute scene in 1987 when he won 1st prize in the National Flute Association's Young Artist Competition. Currently, he is Principal Flute with the Gothenburg Wind Orchestra and maintains a busy international schedule as a soloist, performing throughout the United States, South America, Asia and Europe. Göran's debut CD, 'The Swedish Romantic Flute', received rave reviews and has been followed by six more albums. Don't miss this chance to experience the magical artistry of Göran Marcusson!

To view Göran's Miyazawa Artist page, please click here.
upcoming Events
Interested in attending an event by one of our Miyazawa Artists? Find an event in your area by checking out our Artist Events Calendar on our website for any upcoming performances of our Artists!
For information on other Miyazawa events, please visit the Miyazawa Events Calendar.

f you have certain specifications that you are interested in and will be able to attend any of these events, please contact us in advance. We will be happy to bring something special for you.

Mid-South Flute Festival - March 18-19, 2016
Miyazawa will be exhibiting at the Mid-South Flute Festival held at the University of Memphis in Memphis, TN. Guest Artist is Leone Buyse.
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Utah Flute Festival - March 25-26, 2016
Miyazawa will be exhibiting at the Utah Flute Festival held at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, UT. Guest Artist is Marco Granados.
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Portland Flute Fair- April 2, 2016
Miyazawa will be exhibiting at the Portland Flute Fair held at the Aloha High School in Aloha, OR. Guest Artist is Göran Marcusson.
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Seattle Flute Festival - April 3, 2016
Miyazawa will be exhibiting at the Seattle Flute Festival held at the Women's University Club in Seattle, WA. Guest Artist is Robert Dick.
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Artist Interview
Joanie Madden
Our Featured Artist for the month is Joanie Madden
Miyazawa Artist Joanie Madden is the Grammy Award winning flute and whistle player and leader of the Irish band, Cherish the Ladies.
Joanie became the first American to win the coveted Senior All-Ireland Championship as well as the youngest member inducted into the Irish-American Musicians Hall of Fame. Other notable accomplishments include the recipient of the Wild Geese Award, voted one of the Top 100 Irish-Americans in the country and Traditional Musician of the Year, all for her contributions to promoting and preserving Irish culture in America.

Joanie is in constant demand as a studio musician, touring with the Eagle's Don Henley and has performed on over a hundred albums including performances with well known greats such as Pete Seeger and Sinead O'Connor. In addition to playing on three Grammy award-winning albums, she was also a featured soloist on the final Lord of the Rings soundtrack.

We had the opportunity to ask Joanie a few questions. Check out her thoughts on approaching rehearsals, her greatest influence as well as advice for upcoming flutists.
Featured Article
"Flat-Bottom Key Cups"
The pads of a flute must seal properly in order to achieve the most full and resonant tone possible. Factors that affect this include the type of pad used as well as how flat the bottom of the key cups are, which in turn determine the stability of pad adjustments and therefore the playing quality of your flute in general.

Our featured article for the month of March discusses why it is important to have a key cup with a flat bottom. Click on the link below to read our featured article.

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Media Library
Terri Sanchez performs Bozza's 'Image'
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Miyazawa Spotlight
'Ask an Artist' - Tadeu Coelho

We received great questions for our 'Ask an Artist' feature! Our second spotlight question is from Karen Vasquez:

Hello Miyazawa Flutes! I'm Karen and I'm 15 years old. I would like to ask a question to Tadeu Coelho:

"What was your primary goal when you started as a flutist? What did you primarily practice and/or did you have a routine (such as scales, etudes, etc) during your earlier years as a flutist? Do you have a suggestion for better intonation for the high notes (like 4-5 lines above the ledger lines)?"

Thank You!
Karen Vasquez


Hello, Karen.

Thank you for your question! I have never been asked the question about my primary goal when I started on the flute before. This is a great question. I suppose I should have had a goal, but I was very young. I was seven years old when I started on the flute, and my first teacher was my father. He was also the band director of the conservatory's wind ensemble. My dad was a workaholic and was never home. I suppose I chose the flute because I would be with him at least for my lessons and if I played in the band I could see him during rehearsals on Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons. I know it sounds sad but it wasn't. It was just the way life was and we did the best we could. My dad started me on the Complete Method Book by Gariboldi. I still remember the scales and etudes. I couldn't wait to get to the end of the book and play a great sounding piece at the very end of the book. I thought it was so cool. After Gariboldi, I worked on Hugues and then moved to Taffanel & Gaubert. To tell you the truth, I did not enjoy practicing at first. I only liked performing. Don't get me wrong, I practiced 3 to 5 hours a day, but I did not like it. I only began to enjoy practicing when I started studying with Julius Baker. He enjoyed practicing so much and if Mr. Baker did, so would I.

Concerning intonation on high notes, and assuming you are talking about being too sharp, yes? I have lots of tips I can give you:

1) Make sure you have a relaxed embouchure
2) Put air in your cheeks when playing those high notes, it will help bring the intonation down
3) Try pressing the flute harder on your lips when playing loud
4) Use alternate fingerings
5) Roll in
6) Lower the flute on your lips
7) Pull out the headjoint
8) Use a tuner!
9) Play softer!
10) If all else fails, fake you are playing, but DO NOT play out of tune. :)

Click here to read more about Miyazawa Artist Tadeu Coelho.
Featured Testimonial
"Just an aspiring flutist, but since I purchased my Miyazawa I've been inspired to play every day. It's a great piece of workmanship! I never knew it could make such a difference."

- T. Bentley
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