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Miyazawa Newsletter - July 2016


NFA Miyazawa Artist Showcase "Tadeu Coelho - A Virtuosic Performance on His 18k Gold Miyazawa"

World-renowned flutist and Miyazawa Artist Tadeu Coelho will present a recital alongside pianist David Guilliland for the Miyazawa Showcase held at the National Flute Association Convention in San Diego, CA. Please join us on Saturday, August 13th at 9 a.m. to experience the flawless mastery of Tadeu Coelho. His technical genius and lyrical sensitivity are sure to inspire all.

For more information regarding the NFA schedule, please click here.
Irish America Magazine's Top 50 Power Women - Joanie Madden

Miyazawa Artist Joanie Madden was selected for Irish America Magazine's Top 50 Power Women which recognizes the achievements of the most influential and innovative Irish and Irish American women across all fields. From finance and business professionals to media personalities, political figures and healthcare workers, the women featured on the list have become leading voices in the corporate and cultural American landscape. Congrats, Joanie!

One of the most prolific and visible Irish musicians and composers in the world, Joanie Madden has sold over 500,000 solo albums, performed on over 200 recordings including three Grammy-winning albums, and was the first American to win the Senior All-Ireland Championship on the tin whistle. For the past three decades, she has been the leader of the internationally renowned all-female traditional Irish music and dance ensemble, Cherish the Ladies, which just released their 16th album.

For more information, please click here.
upcoming Events
Interested in attending an event by one of our Miyazawa Artists? Find an event in your area by checking out our Artist Events Calendar on our website for any upcoming performances of our Artists!
For information on other Miyazawa events, please visit the Miyazawa Events Calendar.

f you have certain specifications that you are interested in and will be able to attend any of these events, please contact us in advance. We will be happy to bring something special for you.

XIII Encuentro Internacional de Flauta del Sur del Mundo - July 19-22, 2016
Miyazawa will be exhibiting at XIII Encuentro Internacional de Flauta del Sur del Mundo held in Chile. Guest Artists include Michel Bellavance, Hernán Jara,Viviana Guzman and more.
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44th Annual National Flute Association Convention - August 11-14, 2016
Miyazawa will be exhibiting at the 44th Annual National Flute Association Convention held at the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center in San Diego, CA. Guest Artists include Miyazawa Artists Göran Marcusson, ZAWA!, Tadeu Coelho, Nicole Esposito, Cathy Collinge Herrera, Claudia Anderson, Michel Bellavance,Gina Luciani, Sonja Giles, Adrianne Greenbaum, Hannah Leffler,Areon Flutes, and more.
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Artist Interview
Hannah Leffler
Our Featured Emerging Artist for the month is Hannah Leffler
Miyazawa Emerging Artist Hannah Leffler has held flute faculty positions at Luther College, the Northeast Iowa School of Music, the Lutheran Summer Music Academy and Sounds of Summer Institute as well as numerous high schools and middle schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. She currently resides in Texas, where she is a Teaching Fellow and Doctorate of Musical Arts candidate in flute performance at the University of North Texas, studying with Professor Terri Sundberg.

In 2012, Hannah received first place in the National Flute Association's Orchestral Audition and Masterclass Competition and has been a prizewinner in the Myrna Brown Artist Competition, the Atlanta Young Artist Competition, the Crescendo Music Awards and the Couer d'Alene Young Artist Competition. In addition, she was a featured soloist with the University of North Texas Symphony Orchestra, the University of Northern Iowa Symphony Orchestra, the Oklahoma City University Symphony Orchestra, the Oklahoma City University Wind Philharmonic and the Oklahoma Youth Orchestra.

We had the opportunity to ask Hannah a few questions. Check out her thoughts on qualities that are essential for musical excellence, preparation for competitions as well as advice for upcoming flutists.
Featured Article
"How to Ship Your Flute"
Knowing how to properly ship your flute can be the difference between a safe arrival and an arrival that shifts your flute out of adjustment. The importance of correct packing cannot be emphasized enough.

Our featured article for the month of July discusses how to properly ship your flute. Click on the link below to read our featured article.

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Mihi Kim performs JS Bach's "Fuga in g minor"
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Miyazawa Spotlight
Ask an Artist - Claudia Anderson

"My name is Samuel Guyer, and I am most looking forward to hearing Claudia Anderson's reply. My question is, "While you were going through the challenges of music school, how did you keep a firm foothold in your inspiration to be a musician?"

Thank you very much!
-Samuel Guyer

"Sam, this question is one that every one of us - at some point in our education - has had to deal with. Thanks for asking it! My undergrad years were filled with discoveries about myself in relation to different kinds of music, and I was fortunate to have a great diversity of solo experience in wind ensemble, chamber and full orchestras, contemporary ensembles, and of course my solo recitals and concerto competitions. Although I didn't fully realize it then, this wealth of musical "settings" contributed hugely to the developing sense of who I was as a flutist and musician.

Graduate school was more complicated, partly because several years of career and life intervened between both Masters and Doctorate degrees, and I had been impatient with some of the required classes and structure of the programs I was in. As an undergrad I could feel distracted or overwhelmed by requirements at times but never personally wavered in my resolve to complete the degree, or to lose the basic momentum of my goals. As a graduate student, there were times when I did question whether or not this was the right path; and that came mostly from increased awareness of the real-life challenges of starting a career in music. But here again, I discovered new expressive avenues through my first duo relationships, first with oboe and later with guitar. What I learned from those collaborations about the special rewards of working intensely with one other person led me ultimately to my duo ZAWA! with Jill Felber.

If I can offer any advice to you, Sam, it would be to stay open and alert to what may be around the corner - whether it is in school or elsewhere. It could be in the form of a new genre or style of music that catches you off guard and draws you to it, or it could be an unexpected meeting of like minds when making music. How well do you know yourself when it comes to what you truly love to play? What can you do that stands out in your playing and is different from what everyone else does? Answering such questions honestly can be quite revealing, and it is important to analyze what you do well just as much as what you need to improve upon. Also as you develop, don't be afraid to seek new teachers and to try different kinds of master class styles. The way is supposed to be challenging! Embrace it, and the bumps will make the rewards all the sweeter!"

-Claudia Anderson

Click here to read more about Miyazawa Artist Claudia Anderson.
Featured Testimonial
"When I decided to buy a new flute, I spent about a year and a half searching, trying all kinds of different instruments. I was not satisfied with anything until I decided to try Miyazawa. There I found what I had been looking for: a rich flexible sound, a smooth even mechanism, and the right balance between power and sensitivity. I love my Miyazawa!"
- Marisela Sager - Assistant Principal Flute of the Cleveland Orchestra
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