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Miyazawa Newsletter - January 2017

Sarpay Özçağatay Releases "Unlock"

Miyazawa Artist Sarpay Özçağatay releases "Unlock: The Jazz Flute Vol. 1", a medium to help unlock your musical identity through jazz studies and technical exercises while taking your knowledge from beginner or intermediate to the next level.

"All thanks and congratulations go to Mr. Özçağatay for the creation of his new book for all jazz and classical flutists. In a very sophisticated, detailed and thorough manner, Mr. Özçağatay has presented a comprehensive and creative excursion that will prove to be both educational and inspirational. With the "dawn of the age" of classical flutists, such as myself, who yearn to learn more and more about the improvisation process, I will enjoy such a volume for years to come." - Carol Wincenc

Sarpay "SharpEye" Özçağatay is a New York City based flutist, educator and recording artist who is widely considered to be among the leading international flute artists of recent years, gaining recognition for his effortless combination of musicianship and technical ability. He released his debut album "Unexpectable" in 2013 which featured all original compositions. "Unexpectable" has been recognized and reviewed by the leading jazz critics, blogs, domestics, international and online radio stations, newspapers and flute magazine.

For promo videos and free demo lessons, please click here. For purchase information, please visit
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upcoming Events
Interested in attending an event by one of our Miyazawa Artists? Find an event in your area by checking out our Artist Events Calendar on our website for any upcoming performances of our Artists!
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f you have certain specifications that you are interested in and will be able to attend any of these events, please contact us in advance. We will be happy to bring something special for you.
St. Louis Flute Day - February 11, 2017
Miyazawa will be exhibiting at the St. Louis Flute Day held at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, IL. Guest Artist is Demarre McGill.
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Mid-Atlantic Flute Fair - February 18-19, 2017
Miyazawa will be exhibiting at the Mid-Atlantic Flute Fair held at the Sheraton Reston Hotel in Reston, VA. Guest Artist is Aaron Goldman.
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New York Flute Fair - March 12, 2017
Miyazawa will be exhibiting at the New York Flute Fair held at the Faculty House at Columbia University in New York, NY. Guest Artist is Barthold Kuijken.
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Artist Interview
Sonja Giles
Our Featured Artist for the month is Sonja Giles

Miyazawa Artist Sonja Giles has appeared as a recitalist, chamber musician and educator at a variety of venues across the United States, Austria, Belgium and Russia. She has been a soloist with the Kaliningrad Symphony Orchestra (Russia), Iowa State University Wind Ensemble, Ottumwa Symphony Orchestra, Iowa State University Orchestra and numerous bands throughout Iowa. Sonja is a member of the Cedar Rapids Opera Company and performs regularly with the Des Moines Symphony and Orchestra Iowa. She is a founding member of the ensemble Atlas Trio with oboist, Elizabeth Young and pianist, Ruth Lin.

In addition to her performing career, Dr. Giles is equally zealous about her role as an educator,
currently the Assistant Professor of Flute at Iowa State University. In 2008, Sonja was honored as the recipient of the 2008 University Award for Early Excellence in Teaching, as well as the Cassling Early Excellence in Teaching Award. Giles credits her teaching to her wonderful teachers Sheryl Cohen, Tadeu Coelho, Immanuel Davis, Julia Bogorad-Kogan and Keith Underwood.

We had the opportunity to ask Sonja a few questions.
Click on the link to hear her thoughts on essential qualities for musical excellence, her unique teaching style, as well as advice for upcoming flutists.
Featured Article
"The Brögger System™ Advantage"
When searching for a new flute, it is important to not only listen to the tone you can achieve, but also pay attention to the mechanism and craftsmanship of the instrument. Miyazawa features the Brögger System mechanism, an innovative pinless mechanism with a curved coupling rod construction, enhanced ergonomic design and precise thumb key mechanism. The strength and stability inherent in the design makes the mechanism not only more reliable and longer lasting but also provides fast action and an incredibly smooth feel for the flutist.

Our featured article for the month of January discusses the Brögger system and the benefits it can bring to your playing. Click on the link below to read our featured article.

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Media Library
"Nicole Esposito performs Fikret Amirov's Six Pieces for Flute and Piano"
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Miyazawa Spotlight
Ask an Artist - Marc Grauwels

What methods do you use to obtain different tone colors?

Kaitlin Ross

Dear Kaitlin,

There are many different parameters to obtain different tone colours:

-The embouchure should be as relaxed as possible (if the lips are too tight, there is no space for tone colours.) The opening of the lips should be as round as possible.

-The base for tone colors has a close interaction with the color of your own voice when you speak and also when you sing. This is very important because the color of your sound on the flute should be as individual and personal as your own voice in daily life.

-To obtain many different tone colors, in general, I ask my students to do this when they have problems: to first sing the phrase they have to play and then play it on their flute (you'd be surprised by the immediate extraordinary gain of color after this little exercise).

-What can really help to find a good color (and a good vibrato) is to always play with direction within every musical phrase. When you play a long note in a phrase, always have in mind what will follow and you will automatically have a good color and good vibrato. Do not think of the long note itself, but where it is going... it's so important!

-When I practice new pieces, I always play with a very big sound, slow and relaxed, and with an equal sound in all registers with vibrato, but with an open sound.This is the best way to begin your sound so that you can then open and change the sound and colors with the phrasing of the music.

-The tone color is of course also related to your knowledge and refinement of every style and 'epoque' in music (this takes many years of playing in orchestra, chamber music, as a soloist, with singers, with string players, etc., etc.) Music is a life achievement and you never finish learning... and tone color is of course related to this also.

-Very important book for this to practice is Marcel Moyse 'Art et Technique de la Sonorite' and 'Big Slurs'.

-A last little advice for color is to listen to a lot of music of good players and you will imitate them without knowing it. In French we say, 'mimetisme', one of the most important things for a musician. That is why, when I teach, I don't like only individual lessons without other students who are listening!

Click here to read more about Miyazawa Artist Marc Grauwels.
Featured Testimonial
"As a performer of Miyazawa Flutes since 1984, I continue to be thrilled with the Miyazawa's variety of tonal colors, dynamic range and quick, responsive mechanism. In any situation, I can always count on my Miyazawa to allow me to perform my best!"

- Laurel Ann Maurer - International Performing and Recording Artist


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