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Miyazawa Releases MX Headjoint Series!

The new Miyazawa MX series headjoints feature a golden etched logo and beautiful contemporary crown design. Headjoint development has been a significant focus, and feedback from flutists around the globe has resulted in the new Miyazawa MX series. We are happy to offer a free gift to the first 50 flutists who stop by our booth at NFA to try the new headjoints. We'd love to hear your feedback!

The MX-1 has a pure and warm tone with a high concentration of mid-range harmonics. The dense, penetrating sound is consistent throughout all registers. With an ample amount of resistance, this style provides a solid response to articulation.

The MX-2 has a free and comfortable feeling with a wide range of harmonics. The sound is complex with immense tonal color variety. Articulation is crisp and clean. Able to accommodate a high volume of air, this style provides expansive projection with a great pitch control.

Contact us to trial the new MX headjoint series.