Blown Away by This Flute

“How many ways can one praise Miyazawa?!! Almost ten years ago I purchased a classic series flute directly from the company. The staff was a joy to work with, and they were extremely helpful. Several months after purchasing my flute I decided to upgrade to a 14k headjoint. I went through several headjoint shipments until I found my perfect fit- an MZ-6 with a platinum riser and engraving unmatched in beauty on the lip plate and crown. I was extremely appreciative that the staff was willing to work with my perfectionistic tendencies to help me find my best fit. The end result was magical, and I am still blown away by this flute every time I pick it up. Aside from its tonal capabilities, the instrument has the smoothest, most fluid mechanism I have ever played – and this is a pre-brรถgger system instrument! The repair technicians are geniuses, and they keep you posted on the status/needs of your instrument. Miyazawa is a wonderful company with an incredible staff โ€” the perfect match for the perfect flute!”


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