Simply the Best

“I was on a ‘mission’ to try out as many flutes as I could in my search for the best flute to recommend to my students. I played a lot of flutes and met with a lot of people, and I kept going back to Miyazawa. THE FLUTES WERE WONDERFUL. I was impressed with how smooth the action felt and I noticed that the quality felt consistent on all the models from the most expensive down to the least expensive. The variety of headjoints offered more options in sound and color. The representatives were extremely knowledgeable and very willing to spend time with me. Through the years, I have found those same qualities with everyone at Miyazawa. They are extremely professional, knowledgeable (most are accomplished flutists themselves), respectful, and genuinely willing to help. Many companies SAY that customer satisfaction comes first but then they don’t prove it. This company proves it all the time! Over the years, many of my students have purchased a Miyazawa flute and not one of them has ever been dissatisfied — and that includes ME! As a professional performer, I am a very satisfied customer.”


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