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GS Fusion Elite RH with Brögger System™

Artist Bio

Patricia Lazzara

"She is a bright, sweet and technically accomplished flutist!"
                                                                                            - New York Times

"UpTown Flutes derserves major attention as they are top notch and one of a of the best groups I have heard all year...players were mesmerizing...showed off the players impressive ears for pitch..."
                                                                                            - New York Concert Review

"Patricia played with complete command, a clean, pure tone and a fine sense of phrasing. She is a first rate flutist!"
                                                                                            - Bennington Banner

"She has a pure tone! Her intonation is right on the mark and she has complete technical command of her instrument. Patricia performs with grace, sensitivity and superior musicianship!"
                                                                                            - Manchester Journal

Patricia Lazzara, flutist, has distinguished herself as a soloist, chamber and orchestral musician. She is a three time winner of the Artists International competition in New York City and gave her critically acclaimed New York recital debut at Cami Hall. She has performed as soloist for the National Flute Association Professional Flute Choir and won first prize in the North Jersey Philharmonic Concerto Competition. Ms. Lazzara is the 2007 Winner of the Florida Flute Association Performers Grant for Advanced Study, has recorded for Twinz Records and is a 2004 Winner of the National Flute Association Convention Performers Competition. She has released two CDs for flute and harp entitled "Enchanted Love" and "Celestial Sounds of Christmas". Ms. Lazzara is also a founding member of UpTown Flutes, an innovative flute ensemble. Their sold out performance at Carnegie's Weill Hall in 2002 received a rave review from the New York Concert Review. They were invited to perform at the 2003, 2009 and 2011 National Flute Association Conventions and have released the following CDs: ''A Flute Renaissance'', "An UpTown Christmas", “21st Century Gems” and “Streaming Dreams”. Patricia had the distinct honor of being the flute soloist for the Papal Visit to Giants Stadium in 1995.


Patricia attended Carnegie Mellon University and received a Bachelor of Music Degree from the Hartt School of Music where she studied with John Wion. Ms. Lazzara has appeared in master classes with Jean Pierre Rampal, Thomas Nyfenger, Robert Stallman, Trevor Wye and has coached with Jeanne Baxtresser, Michael Parloff and Bart Feller. She has also studied with Paige Brook and David Williams with additional studies with Keith Underwood as Winner of the Florida Flute Association Performers Grant for Advanced Study. She is currently the Events Coordinator of the New Jersey Flute Society and Principal flutist with the Gateway Classical Music Society.  Ms. Lazzara is also the Executive Director of “Music for Life”, on faculty of the Rockland Conservatory of Music and Ackerman's Music Center in addition to teaching a full studio of private students. To visit Ms. Lazzara's youtube channel, please click here.

Artist Interview

Patricia Lazzara

We had the opportunity to ask Patty a few questions. Check out her thoughts on preparing for competitions, applying for grants, as well as her experience performing at the 2009 NFA Convention in New York City.

1. Uptown Flutes, an innovative flute ensemble based in New Jersey, just recently performed at the NFA convention in New York City. Can you tell us about your experience performing at such a large convention?

We were quite honored to be chosen from the many wonderful flute ensembles all over the country and the world to play at the NFA Convention in NYC. The process of playing at the convention began in early 2008 when we recorded our third CD (which was recently released - "21st Century Gems").  All the works on this album are by composers who are alive and well, namely: Peter Bacchus, Catherine McMichael, Ian Clarke and Andrew Downes. We were thrilled that Peter Bacchus re-worked his "Quartet for Diverse Flutes" into the "Nonet" which is dedicated to UpTown Flutes. He was able to come over from Spain to conduct us at the recording session which was a great experience. For our presentation at the Convention, we performed "Within" by Ian Clarke who was in attendance at the concert and the "Nonet" by Peter Bacchus who conducted. There is always pressure playing in front of so many accomplished flutists at the convention but as UpTown Flutes is celebrating our 10th Anniversary this year, we are so attuned with one another and have a tremendous emotional rapport that everything fell wonderfully into place. We are very fortunate to have such a group as we do, we are all good friends, have supported each other through our various life circumstances and genuinely respect each other's abilities.
At the convention, I was also so excited to purchase a beautiful new Hammig piccolo, of which I am thoroughly enjoying its clear articulation and amazing intonation!

2. You have won numerous competitions such as being a three-time winner of the Artists International Competition in New York. How do you go about preparing for a competition in general?

When I am preparing for any audition, I try to be as detailed as possible in my practicing, concentrating on accuracy, pitch, musicality and to work as efficiently as possible to best use the hours available to me considering my often hectic schedule.

If there is a new technique or some new micro tonal fingering that I need to feel comfortable with, I will work to prioritize this in my practice session. I work on all tempos very slowly to be certain that my technique is solid as I increase the metronome speed. I work with my tuner, usually going through all the pieces in each practice session. As a final step, I listen to various recordings of the pieces, and make a compilation CD that I play along with in each practice session.

After I have worked up my tempos and feel comfortable with the pieces, I will play them for friends, family, students and colleagues. Being prepared and confident in my own ability to play the pieces well also allows me to feel confident in my skill to communicate musically with the audience. The end result is a successful and well received performance or audition!

3.  As the 2007 winner of the Florida Flute Association Performers Grant for Advanced Study, what did the application process entail and how was the grant used to further your study once awarded?

The application process consisted of sending a bio and a proposal of what I would do with the award. For good measure I also included copies of my CDs. It was about this time that Christopher Caliendo wrote his first Flute Concerto and had offered the piece to all the Miyazawa Artists to premiere. Christopher sent me a copy of his wonderful Concerto. I learned the part and set about sending proposals to various conductors of chamber orchestras that I knew. As of yet, I have not been able to schedule a performance of the concerto, but I love working on the piece. When the opportunity came for the Florida Flute Association Performers Grant for Advanced Study Competition, I felt that the Caliendo Concerto would make for a great proposal. The judges concurred and I was thrilled to receive the Grant award and to schedule lessons with my chosen teacher, Keith Underwood. My lessons with Keith are very interesting.  His innovative way of re-thinking breathing, the finger breath exercise, buzzing like brass players do, and utilizing the Alexander technique, are all fascinating and eye opening avenues for new vistas of fluting!

4.  How did you come to choose Miyazawa as your flute of choice?

My first really good flute was a Haynes that my father bought me in High School that I played for several years. It had a beautiful sound with lovely tone colors but I felt I needed a flute that had more projection.  I had tried some Miyazawa flutes with Jeff Weissman and I was so thrilled with the sound and the ease of playing. I was not able to purchase another flute at the time as my daughter was quite young. I was at the 1996 NFA Convention in NYC having a wonderful time going to all the concerts and trying out the flutes when I decided to try some on the Miyazawa table. I was immediately drawn to a particular flute and one of the girls working there offered to bring me to a quiet room where I could hear myself better. I was happily playing away on some Bach Sonatas and trying out various headjoints and decided on the flute that I have now. I was thrilled!  At the beginning of the convention I had no intention of buying a new flute but by Saturday afternoon I had purchased my dream flute! - A Classic RH Model. I feel that this flute is excellent, it has a beautiful luminous tone quality and clear articulation that I value in all aspects of my performing career - solo, chamber and orchestral. There is tremendous depth and resonance to the tone with infinite possibilities of different tone colors. I appreciate the reliable response in all registers, and the intonation is truly consistent. Describing my flute, I usually tell people that it is like driving a little, red sports car!  It is thrilling and gives you lots of beauty as you maneuver your way through life!

5.  If you had one piece of advice to give an upcoming flutist, what would you tell them?
Of course this all begins with the desire in your spirit to be a musician, to be creative and express that creativity to the world through your music. There are so many levels of the desire and spirit, and all should be encouraged. I believe the flutists who really attain a high level of proficiency are those who have a real desire in their hearts, with knowledge that their musicality is a gift from above, and that the music must come forth from us. That is how I feel. I know that my musical gift was given to me by God and I feel that every note that I play is a testament in gratitude for that gift.

Now, as the aspiring musician has the desire to express themselves through playing the flute, we know we must practice. We must listen to guidance from our teachers and as we gain confidence in our abilities, then we can move out into the world, and question the guidance, thinking "was this right for me?" or "I think there might be a different way of doing this." A good teacher allows his/her students the freedom to express themselves in their creativity after the strong foundations are laid.

We can dream big, but we must think of the true reality. It is good to listen to recordings of yourself and listen to what your audiences say about your performances; this is very helpful in learning how to be a better performer. We all have a place in the musical world, and should be aware if our aspirations line up with our abilities. I have learned that the most important thing is to be yourself, to play the flute for yourself, to be who you are, and to have conviction in yourself and what you want to say through your music.

I have been teaching privately since I was 15 yrs old, and have a real love for helping my students feel secure in their flute playing by continually rejoicing over their musical triumphs. In addition to my already very busy life of being a mom, I am a performing musician with UpTown Flutes, chamber ensembles with marimba, harp and guitar, plus several orchestras, and am a Board member of the NJ Flute Society, I have recently added the responsibility of being the Executive Director of "Music For Life," which provides music instruction in parochial and private schools. There are certainly challenges to having such a diversified life, but I am so thankful every day for all that I have been given. I could not think of a better way to live my life, to play flute, to express my creativity through music, to teach what I love to the younger generation, and to encourage music in places where it is needed. I try to stay focused, maintain a sense of humor and just enjoy each day as it unfolds. We are all special people with important things to say!

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