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Rie Akagi

Rie Akagi refined her superb technique by studying classical music at the Tokyo University of the Arts. Her current repertoire covers jazz, soul, salsa as well as healing, new-age, and contemporary music. She is known as the only female flutist in Japan to perform music outside of the classical genre.

Salsa musicians such as Tito Puente, Larry Harlow, Willie Colon have performed with Ms. Akagi and were amazed by her rich musicality. She has been welcomed with great enthusiasm at world famous music fairs such as the Concord Jass Festival in San Francisco and the Jazz Plaza in Cuba. Triggered by her visit to Puerto Rico in 2000 as a cultural ambassador, her music has become popular in Caribbean countries. She has recorded 3 CDs in Puerto Rico, now frequently on played on the radio. She had her second concert tour in Caribbean countries in 2005 and has also performed with Grammy Award winning jazz pianist Michel Camilo.

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Rie Akagi

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