Incredible Flutes

“Not only do you make incredible flutes, but you have amazing customer service as well! Your response is very helpful, and I am looking forward to my “new” flute. When it comes time to upgrade again, I will be sticking with Miyazawa!”


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Ensure Your Flute Performs to Your Standards

With proper care and maintenance, your handmade flute will always play up to its potential. We recommend yearly service by our staff of technicians or by an authorized Miyazawa service location to ensure your instrument’s optimal performance. The members of the Miyazawa team are just one call away, ready to give you their support and assistance. Please contact us for estimates on overhauls, routine maintenance and modifications, shipping information, and to schedule an appointment.

Our shop not only specializes in Miyazawa, but is also experienced in all makes of handmade flutes. With the high level of skill and attention to detail our technicians possess, your flute will return like new – or better.

No matter what brand you currently play, if you want your flute to perform at its peak playing condition, contact our shop today!


Thrilled to Play a Miyazawa

“First and foremost, I want to thank you all for creating such a wonderful instrument at such an excellent price. I spent over a year searching for the perfect flute, and I found it with Miyazawa flutes. Every day, I am thrilled to know that I am playing an instrument that fits me perfectly, has a color palette beyond compare, and can easily play passages that soar into the sky, while retaining the ability to whisper the most tender themes imaginable. Thank you for making my dreams come true in a Miyazawa!”


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