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Resonant Tone Makes Miyazawa Perfect

“My Miyazawa gives me a full, rich but yet flexible sound. This, combined with the smooth action of the Brögger mechanism with a resonant ringing tone in all octaves makes the perfect flute. I LOVE my Miyazawa!!!!!!!!!!!!”



Hear Harmonics & Magic

“I bought the Miyazawa Vision flute you brought to the Kansas City NFA Convention. I don’t think I could have found a better match for me. The heavy wall with the .958 lets me push the flute hard when I want to — no overblowing — and the tone is incredibly rich and colorful. I’m getting all kinds of compliments about my playing. I notice, too, that the note-to-note tuning is virtually effortless. It will take some practice for my fingers to move fast enough to take advantage of the Brögger, but practice has become fun! If flutists wonder if the wall thickness and alloy really make a difference, I would say yes. If you want to be able to push a flute that has a fair amount of resistance (I do, but some do not), this flute will richly reward you for what you give it. I hear layers and layers of harmonics. I loved the other models, but for me this one had that extra bit of magic. Thanks for being so easy to work with.”


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